Why You Are Not Making Money — Top 10 Habits to Change ASAP

The Curated Consumer
3 min readFeb 19, 2024

By The Curated Consumer | Also Read — The Stoic Practice of Doing Nothing

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We are in times of mass productivity and hustle culture. This can often bring good and bad habits, to attempt to arise to perceived expectations. Being in a sales job sourcing several million dollars a year in potential pipeline, I often feel satisfied or comfortable and allow these “relaxing tasks” to become hindrances to my performance.

I quickly see the impact on my sales and customers. We often waste time just to waste time, to clear our minds, or for assumed future gain from allowing our brains to rest. All of these are ok.


  • Playing Video Games
  • Just chillin’
  • Making Extra Trips to the Store
  • Going Shopping
  • Pointless Conversations at Work
  • Snacking Consistently
  • Watching Television
  • Scrolling Through Social Media
  • Sleeping Past Alarm
  • Complaining About Uncontrollable Variables

This is not financial advice as ALL of my information and content is meant exclusively for entertainment purposes only, and is simply my opinion or thoughts on current situations.

Life should be on your own terms, and doing, hopefully what you enjoy. If this is the case I feel we should work on eliminating the time spent on things that do not make us happy, productive or successful. I have made a list of 10 things that many people struggle with wasting unnecessary time with as a subconscious procrastination tactic to keep their brains relaxed and at ease.

This avoids potential minor stresses that you must persist through to often reach goals, create new habits, and become more successful. First using a framework we can be sure to avoid these traps and focus on productivity and success.

Below are the big 3 keys for personal growth!

  • Provide Value — Give value and access through time, eventually if you provided consistent value, and grew a community you will see…



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